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0-Day Week of 2019 01 09 Pt1 [DRI]

0-Day Week of 2019 01 09 Pt1 [DRI]
English | Size: 5.59 GB
Category: E-books

2000AD prog 2113 (2019) (digital) (Minutemen-juvecube).cbr
Adventure Time Season 11 004 (2019) (Digital) (Bean-Empire).cbz
Adventures of the Super Sons 006 (2019) (Digital) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr
Aliens – Dust to Dust 04 (of 04) (2019) (digital) (The Magicians-Empire).cbr
Archie Meets Batman ’66 006 (2019) (Digital) (Oracle-SWA).cbr
Archie Meets Batman ’66 006 (2019) (Digital) (Shadowcat-Empire).cbz
Atomic Robo and the Dawn of a New Era 001 (2019) (Digital) (F) (mv-DCP).cbr
Atomic Robo and the Dawn of a New Era 001 (2019) (Digital) (mv-DCP).cbr
Auntie Agatha’s Home For Wayward Rabbits 03 (of 06) (2019) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire).cbr
Avengers 012 (2019) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr

0-Day Week of 2019 01 02 Pt1&2 [DRI]

0-Day Week of 2019 01 02 Pt1&2 [DRI]
English | Size: 7.74 GB
Category: E-books

2000AD 2112 (2019) (Digital-Empire).cbr
9 Chickweed Lane (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
Action Comics 1006 (2019) (2 covers) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
Action Comics 1006 (2019) (Webrip) (The Last Kryptonian-DCP).cbr
Adam@Home (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
Andy Capp (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
Angry Birds (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
Animosity 018 (2019) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire).cbr
Archie 1941 004 (2019) (Digital) (Shadowcat-Empire).cbz
Archie 701 (2019) (Digital) (Shadowcat-Empire).cbz
Archie Comics Double Digest 295 (2019) (Forsythe-DCP).cbr
Archie Double Digest 295 (2019) (Digital) (Shadowcat-Empire).cbz

Andre Chaperon – Email Marketing Intensive

Andre Chaperon – Email Marketing Intensive
English | Size: 4.80 GB
Category: Business

Dear Internet Marketer,
What if – every single time you wanted to create money – you simply pressed the “send” button?
If that sounds exciting to you, you’re in the right place.
Because if you want the rare ability to make sales on demand almost every time you email your list, I’m running a one-off workshop which will show you how.
Here’s the deal.
The workshop is called The Email Marketing Intensive, and over the next 8 weeks.

0-Day Week of 2018 12 26 Pt1&2

0-Day Week of 2018 12 26 Pt1&2 [DRI]
English | Size: 8.29 GB
Category: E-books

Adult Children (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
Aho-Girl v10 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire).cbz
Ao-chan Can’t Study! v03 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire).cbz
Archie (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
B.C. (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
Baby Blues (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
Bear With Me (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
Blondie (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr
Bone Parish 005 (2018) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire).cbr
Cattitude — Doggonit (2018) (DCP Webrips).cbr

CISSP Domain 1 Unofficial CISSP Preparation Course

CISSP Domain 1: Unofficial CISSP Preparation Course
English | Size: 1.96 GB
Category: Tutorial

Why 70% People Fail in CISSP ?

Many People will say that you don’t Practice Enough Question, or you don’t have experience
further many would say that because you don’t think like a Manager, you fail. but this is not 100% correct!
The simple answer is they don’t read complete syllabus of CISSP.

I have never seen any course that teaches complete CISSP Syllabus on the Whole Internet!!!

Premium WordPress Themes From

Premium WordPress Themes From ElegantThemes com
English | Size: 57 MB
Category: Tutorial

Elegant Themes are crafted with a goal of simplicity and professionalism, and strive to inject each design with a dose modest elegance. Every wordpress theme come widget ready and coded in valid xhtml 1.0 transitional and css. Every theme is made in compliance with the latest version of WordPress, and are compatible with Firefox 3.0, Internet Explorer 7/6, Safari, Opera, and Netscape. I believe that your website is not just a tool, it is an integral part of your identity, and my job is to respect each customer by providing attractive and user friendly templates that will help you achieve your online goals.

9b studios SLIK Studio Lighting and Illumination Kit for modo Win OSX-QUASAR

9b studios SLIK Studio Lighting and Illumination Kit for modo Win OSX-QUASAR
English | Size: 937 MB
Category: Tutorial

is an extensive collection of presets, scenes, items, materials and video tutorials to help modo users light their creations. With SLIK, you are able to quickly select a studio lighting solution that mimics those found in the real-world of photography. Instantly your modo renderings will look more vivid and believable.

American Cinematographer Manual (7th edition)

American Cinematographer Manual (7th edition)
English | Size: 110 MB
Category: Tutorial

American Cinematographer Manual
by Rod Ryan

Insight to many of the motion picture cameras used in the industry (and independent scene) as well as a lot of pratical information regarding lenses, light principals, depth of field charts and more. It is the bible for cinematographers!

A book referenced by thousands of professionals with precise and easy to understand information. If you want to be on the technical side of filmmaking, become familiar with this book NOW.

Denver Clay – Rhythm Trance, Vol. 1 Tesla’s Dream [1 CD – MP3]

Denver Clay – Rhythm Trance, Vol. 1 Tesla’s Dream [1 CD – MP3]
English | Size: 145.69 MB
Category: Hypnosis / NLP

This unique piece of music involves Vibrational Waveform Induction technologies that Increase focus and creativity: state-of-the-art Mind Science.

Some may say that music is defined more by the feeling it produces rather than the devices used in its creation, but Denver Clay has been bending the known rules of electronic mediums to create rhythms and sounds that effect consciousness.


English | Size: 1.86 GB
Category: PC-game

The game offers you to go through the path to redemption, to get to the best place, getting rid of dissonance in your soul. After a loud explosion, the main character wakes up in an unfamiliar place without a hint of the presence of people in the vicinity. The player has a phone that receives a message from an unknown subscriber. You have no choice but to follow the instructions sent from the "interlocutor" on your smartphone: find a way out of purgatory and atone for your sins during your lifetime to go to heaven.