Shadows: Awakening 2018 (1.13) [GOG]

Shadows: Awakening 2018 (1.13) [GOG] | 8.13 GB
Year of issue: 31 Aug 2018
Genre: Action – Role-playing – Fantasy
Developer: Games Farm s.r.o.
Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
Type of publication: License
Version: 1.13
Interface language: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish.
Voice Language: English, German
Tablet: Not required (DRM Free from
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Shadows: Awakening is a continuation of the famous series of games about the Kingdom of heresy. The members of the secret order of Penta Nera are dead, and their souls are absorbed by the Eaters – evil demons who are able to pull the memories and personality from their victims, then turning them into puppets. Returning to the world of mortals, the demonic order of Penta Nera continues the pursuit of power and immortality. What price are its members willing to pay to get their way?

You play as the Devourer – the demon called from the World of Shadows to absorb the souls of the long-lost heroes. A dangerous but exciting adventure, an exciting storyline and incredibly beautiful graphics await you. Will you gain strength and wisdom to become the ruler of the mysterious kingdoms of heresy? Gather your own squad of powerful heroes and use their unique skills and abilities – then you will have no equal in battles. But who is here, nevertheless, the main one: the demon or the souls that he devoured? You have to make a choice: save the world by preventing a serious threat, or destroy it to the ground …

* The story of two parallel worlds of one gloomy universe inhabited by demons and creepy monsters. Switch between the World of shadows and mortals and follow the development of an exciting story about a magical kingdom ruled by fabulous creatures and an all-powerful fate.
* The unique system of the detachment – in one demon get along several dissimilar personalities. They communicate with each other and lead a continuous struggle between them.
* A lot of skills and characters – you can choose from three characters, each with their own storyline, tasks and dialogues. Absorb the souls of 14 unique game characters such as Kalig – The King of Thieves, and Evia, Daughter of the Flame.
* Tactical combat system in real time – combine the skills of their heroes to make spells as effective as possible.
* Intensive gameplay – more than 20 hours of continuous play in single player mode and no less exciting rerun. Be prepared for the fact that the complete passage of the game will take you more than 60 hours.
* Cunning puzzles – challenging puzzles scattered throughout the game world, you will meet in both cities and the darkest and deepest dungeons.
* Creating objects and loot – make equipment for your hero and collect valuable artifacts to make him a fearless adventurer.

Shadows: Awakening Update 1.13 released!
The Devourer never rests, and has summoned a new hotfix for the PC version of Shadows: Awakening!
Please find more details below:
We have improved the GUI controls when using a gamepad.
We have fixed a bug, which made it possible to equip an item into an incorrect slot.
Additionally, we have fixed a bug, which caused items to disappear when escaping from prison.
Another bug has been fixed with the ‘Guild of Steel’ puzzle.
We have also fixed a bug, which caused ‘Imperial Tombs’ sarcophaguses to be non-interactive after saving and loading in certain situations.
We have fixed invisible walls in ‘Burial Grounds’.
We have fixed a bug, which made it possible to kill certain NPCs under special conditions.
We have also fixed the calculation for the offhand when dual wielding (e.g. Zaar), as reported by the community frequently.
In addition, we have fixed a bug with the Blind Demon for the ‘Guild of Steel’ quest.
Another bug has been fixed, when interacting with Graabak.
We have fixed a bug for weapons with the ‘Slay’ attribute.
We also have fixed a bug, when opening the Steam overlay while interacting with the Shadowtrader.
Additionally, we have fixed some minor collision bugs.
And we also have fixed some minor text and localisation bugs.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64Bit Versions
Processor: Intel Compatible 2.1 GHz Dual Core
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: GTX460 2GB or compatible
Disk space: 13 GB



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